Planting money: Hosachiguru

February 26, 2016

Engineers or farmers? Well, a smart combination of both, these four professional engineers have given a new meaning to farming. And the meaning is being much loved, with love came success kissing their feet. Engineers or farmers? GenY technical farme


An angel to autistic students

February 25, 2016

A God-sent gift to these autistic children who are willing to face the real world, this Indian teacher professional skills to them

SURGE 2016 Bengaluru

Eye candy at SURGE 2016 Bengaluru

February 24, 2016

The best gathered at SURGE 2016 Bengaluru on 23-24 February, better than the best reached the finals. Yet, some that couldn’t reach the finals grabbed attention, and a lot of it. The energy that flowed at SURGE was young but enthusiastic. Read on

SURGE 2016 Bengaluru

Learn and design fun robotics: KIDOBOTIKZ

February 23, 2016

With robotics become a subject of choice for many students, KIDOBOTIKZ is making it easier for them. And fun!

Harvest International Sch...

Class 10 says goodbye, but in style

February 22, 2016

Girls in blue sarees, guys in white shirts and red ties completely rocked their look as well as their graduation ceremony at the Harvest International School, Bengaluru.

Greenwood High Internati...

Greenwood High is the chess champ

February 12, 2016

They hosted, they won, and they celebrated. Greenwood High International School has won the 3rd Karnataka State Schools Team Chess Championship 2016, beating 16 other schools!



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