The Banyan Tree School, J...

Adventure activity at the Banyan Tree School

January 25, 2016

Banyan Tree School, Jaipur, organised a three day ‘Rocksport Adventure Capsule’ in the school premises for the students from January 23rd to 25.


Saves Classmate's Life; Gets Suspended

January 25, 2016

What he got back was not what he deserved. All that he did was helping a classmate ... all that he received back was punishment. For helping?!


Single-sex education or co-education?

January 20, 2016

What should a parent prefer, single-sex education or co-education? And why? There are flip sides of every coin, but here’s why Co-Education wins our thumbs up.

Young Talent

13-Year-old Hero Saves His Mother

January 06, 2016

Dishant, showing a presence of mind, had begged the thief to release his mother and at the same time was cautious enough to look for time to snatch the knife, assuring his younger brother’s safety.

Delhi - Central

Self-defense for Girls Is a New Subject

September 18, 2015

Self-defense is nature’s eldest law - John Dryden Safety of girls is the most burning issue these days, nowhere is a girl safe. What better can suit girls at this hour other than self-defense!  Yes, self-defense has become, without



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