R-Day celebration at this school was more than 'Special'

Prayas Special School, Jaipur | January 26, 2016

Life offers happiness in different forms. While some need material things, others celebrate smallest of things to make a life happy.

Jaipur leg of Prayas, the NGO, celebrated India’s 67th Republic Day with great enthusiasm and zeal. Watching the special children be so aware about the importance of the day, prepare themselves for celebrations, and perform on the stage was a sight that pumped us up with equal zeal.

What the special students presented was very special, and the happiness they beamed with was yet happier! And we couldn’t help smiling too!

However, what we’d specially applaud are not just the performances, but the love and energy put behind it by the students and their teachers was commendable.

Be a part of their celebration:



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