Sanskar School vice-principal Girdhar Kumari’s practical tips to crack Boards

Sanskar School , Jaipur | February 19, 2016


The dreaded Boards are at hand. And you are tensed, anxious. ScooNews brings dynamic principals of reputed schools on board with their wise counsel and practicable tips on coping emotionally and academically with the mother-of-all-exams


Leave your phone aside, eat well, concentrate, sleep well, set the alarm, STUDY!

Familiar sounds for a student before exams, right? But do these commands really help? That is the big question.

Examinations need not be a dreaded phenomenon. Just as all episodes and events in our routine life sail by smoothly, in spite of a few hitches now and then, even examination time can, just by a little preparedness. Class 12 Board examinations are important in every student’s life as they help students achieve their goals and aspirations. Organisation and self-discipline may not be easy, but is always absolutely worth it. I always tell my pupils to be prepared and take responsibility for this preparation, just as you can do it. Here is how you can.

1.  At the word, go, get organised and be in control of your time; as we have been learning , time and tide wait for none. Why watch the clock when you can do what it does – progress... ceaselessly. Chalk out a study schedule as per your own requirements; some subjects would need more time than the others. Intersperse your schedule with lighter subjects or topics; the feel-good factor of such revisions, which are faster, bucks you up to tackle the harder stuff. You are a juggler with 24 hours in your hand just like everyone else, how well you can juggle is your skill. Remember, skill is not inborn; it can be developed and improved upon.

2.  Using a variety of learning techniques works wonders with retention. A few techniques I would like to list out are – notes-making, picking keywords, mind maps, acronyms, flow charts, web charts, Venn diagrams, labelled diagrams, using highlighters and even a lecture to a make believe class.

3.  A neat and comfortable study area in a well-ventilated room will seem inviting – that’s where you need to spend most of your time now. This is not a punishment period for you, spend some time relaxing ,talking to family and friends, listening to music ; a brisk walk or jog will help you de-stress and perk up your concentration.

4.  Make it a point to have your meals with your family – it is a bonding time, which promotes positivity.  Talk about your inhibitions if any. Confide in a responsible person who could help you overcome. ‘Believe you can and you will.’

As an English teacher I have frequently come across instances where students are anxious about how to remember details of each character and episode in each prescribed text. The answer is simple – read each text prior to exam days and prepare a story web, giving the minutest of details. Believe me, that’s all one needs to skim through before the exam day and, voilà, YOU’RE READY!

To practise lengthy writing essays, debates, articles and speeches it is a good idea to go step by step with the WHAT, WHERE, WHO, WHEN, WHY and HOW of the given topic.

When it is time for the exam, take a deep breath and relax, stay calm and composed. Read the questions and understand what is being asked of you rather than pouring out all that you know about the topic; doing so you consume a lot of time yet fail to nail the target. Don’t be frightened when one of the class bullies announces he kept up all night to study and hence is better prepared. Avoid aping anything like that for a mind devoid of sleep gets sluggish.

I always insist on students devoting the last 15–20 minutes going through their work before submitting their answer sheets as amendments to improve will bring out their best. A beautiful handwriting and neat presentation of work are always things that I would look out for as an examiner; I confess, such answer sheets have always attracted better marks from me.

It doesn’t matter whether you are extraordinary or an average student, you must know how pressure needs to be handled. To that, I say...

Hold yourself in high self-esteem. You are beautifully unique in your own way.

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