St. Xavier's School, Nevta, celebrates 1st Annual Sports Day in School Premises!

St Xavier Sr. Sec. School (Nevta), Jaipur | November 03, 2015

What happens when a newly established school decides to celebrate its annual function? What happens when a well-known name like Xavier’s decides to start a new branch and then celebrate its annual function?

When it is about St. Xavier’s School, it has to be something outstanding! And here’s the well-know name in the field of education starting a yet another branch, spreading the best of education to the outskirts of Jaipur, Nevta. St. Xavier’s School, Nevta celebrated its first Annual Sports Day in its school grounds.

Enthusiasm and energy are two words to summarize the entire event. The day at Nevta started with the school warmly welcoming the chief guest, Shri Vijay Kumar Singh, IPS, Anti-corruption Bureau, Rajasthan, extending floral wishes to him. Mr. C.K. Punnoose started the event with the welcome address and inviting the chief guest for school sports flag hoisting. This was soon followed by an outstanding march past by the students of Xavier’s, Nevta. The students marching past deserve huge applauds, as these youngsters have been trained for 3 months only. With 3-month training behind them, the students have seemingly mastered the art! Behind them trailed the band of Xavier’s School, Jaipur, who did all the justice to their preceding march past. Both the march past and band complimented each other as both were equally beautifully, smartly and tactfully performed!

Band performance and march past gave way to other athletic races. These races, we noted, were not merely competitions, but had a lesson in them. Some of these races taught team-work, mental alertness, focusing, etc. Rock and Roll, for students of Class 1, needed the students needed to dress up to look ready for a rock-and-roll performance. For the boys of Class 2 was Zig Zag race, which needed each of the participant to stay mentally and physically alert. Ball in the Basket, for girls of Class 2, tested their dexterity. Dressing-up race for the boys of Class 3 asked the participants to clear the hurdles of getting well-dressed for in their school uniform. For the girls of Class 3 was Alphabet Making, which saw them tactfully, yet beautifully, creating various alphabets before reaching the finish line.

Giving a break to the athletes here were the students of Class 3, 4 and 5, displaying their PT skills. Well-synchronized and disciplined, we must say. The students looked smart and sharp displaying PT, all in school uniforms. Father Principal John Ravi next took the stage to address the gathering, appreciating the students, their performances, congratulating the teachers and parents for their hard-work behind each and every display by students.

What came next was a test of team work for the boys of Class 4. Divided in teams of two, they had to reach the finish line with one students seated in the wheel-barrow, the other one pushing the cart. The girls of Class 4 tested their team-work with Ball balancing race, as each team of two were made to reach the finish line with a basketball balanced between them. Senior students (Class 5-6) performed Yoga asanas, all in unity, which had quizzed the audience. The agility in the bodies of these students had left the audience dumbstruck. Next were a series of flat races with varied distances to be covered by the participants and a rhythmic Aerobics performance.

Next was what makes students wait … what makes them swell with pride. The chief guest, IPS Shri Vijay Kumar Singh and Father Principal were invited to give away prizes to the victorious students.

Parents in the audience were not to left out … the school had organized for a race for parents too. Parents, in couples, participated in needle and thread race, old-fashioned yet fun to watch. Coordination among parents still made the audience have a blast!

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